To serve and advocate on behalf of our clients

Kimura London LLP was created for one fundamental purpose: to serve and advocate on behalf of our clients. Whether you have been injured in an auto accident, are a business owner facing legal issues, including litigation, or a family seeking guidance in estate planning, our firm is dedicated to providing quality representation and ensuring that your financial and personal concerns are protected every step of the way.


Personal Injury

Kimura London LLP specializes in helping people who have been injured by serving as the point of confrontation against the insurance companies so that our clients can focus on their health.



Kimura London LLP strives to help employees enforce their rights against unhealthy, discriminatory or inappropriate work environments


Trusts and Estates

We highly value the personal connection we make with clients through our Trusts and Estates practice. Our clients in turn value our compassionate and conscientious service to them.

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